Representing Ideas with Digital Video: The DV Sound Bite!

So, what does digital video add to the text and sound?

Example and inspiration for the DV Sound Bite Project:

Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman

Discuss brielfy:

  • DIY YouTube Aesthetic v. Professionally edited video

  • Flip Cam or smart phone camera v. higher end camera

  • Logistics of Flip Cam or smart phone camera

YOUR NEXT STEP: Plan, storyboard, script, and then film -- using your smart phone or a Flip Cam -- your own DV Sound Bite for your group's theme!

First, we'll do the planning, and next, we will film!

  • After filming, be sure that you have a copy of your video footage and that you provide a copy to Dr. Young as well.

Identity DV Sound Bite 1 of 2

An Initial DV Sound Bite example for the theme of Identity.

DV Sound Bite Team: The Musketeers -- Ash, Kalen, Jennifer, & Melissa (Fall 2016)

Family DV Sound Bite 1 of 2

An Initial DV Sound Bite example for the theme of Family.

DV Sound Bite Team: Imps 3b 1 -- Abby, Sydney, Jaskaran, Kody (Spring 2017)

Possible YAL Novels featuring this theme:
- House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
- Inside Out and Back Out Again by Thanhha Lai

After reading, team creates DV Sound Bite 2 of 2 informed by and demonstrating their understanding
of the theme as it is portrayed in the novel.

DV Sound Bite 1 created prior to reading A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Once you've created your initial DV Sound Bite, this concludes PART 1 of the DV Sound Bite Project. Soon, you will begin reading the book associated with the project.

When you've finished reading the book and your teacher prompts you, we'll begin PART II.