Informed Collaboration: Negotiating and Creating Meaning Informed by Reading the Novel

Reconvene in your small group and share the main points of your revised freewrites quickly -- your definition of the theme and any particularly important reference points and associations. Consider also how the reading of the novel has informed and/or added to your understanding of the themeThen, create a revised collaborative definition that is informed by your reading and understanding of the novel -- it should be a definition that you can all agree upon. Aim for 3-5 minutes of discussion and a 1/2 page to page.

You will need to choose an archivist to write down or type your revised collaborative extended definition. Be sure to include your group members' names along with your extended definition and note who the archivist is! Everyone should contribute ideas to the revised collaborative, extended definition. Be sure to save your definition as a Word file or leave it in your group folder at the end of the period.


Step 6: Representation 2